Ask the President: A Reaction.

Today's chapel was the ever-famed Ask the President chapel. Students set up their personal cameras, hoping to be the person who filmed the next "sex in chapel" moment. I had a few reactions to the questions asked, which I will now outline for you.

First, if people read Wordsmitherd, they would have known the answers to half of the questions without having to ask them. For example, way back in November, I wrote an article about the new Lee chapel. This article included an architectural rendering of what the building will look like, in addition to information concerning the building's location, use and purpose.

So imagine my annoyance when someone asked Dr. Conn if there really was a new chapel going in on campus, what it would look like, where it would go and what it was going to be used for. Really, people? Next year, I'm going to ask Dr. Conn how many purple sprinkles are in the dining hall sprinkler jar!

Oh, and has anyone seen the microwave in the dining hall? I sure wish they had one. /sarcasm

Second, Hughes Hall insisted on making lots of noise during the service, and someone asked how the University could dare tear down the building which the Hughes family donated to the University. Now, I'm all for dorm pride, so I don't care about the yelling and "HUGHES HALL!" chants. That being said, I am fairly confident that Hughes Hall was so named because Ray H. Hughes was President when the building was built. If I'm wrong, I would like a Lee historian who's been around for a while to correct me.

Speaking of Hughes Hall, back in February I suggested to Dr. Conn and Cole Strong that they should let Medlin and Hughes guys take sledgehammers to the building. We'd all demolish it for free! I went up after service and reminded Dr. Conn of this idea. If there is an event in which we get to beat the crap out of Hughes Hall with sledgehammers, let it be known that it was my idea.

Of course, someone had to ask for a date package, and Dr. Conn obliged. A Medlin Man asked Dr. Conn to come to Mediln for a movie night with the Medlin guys. He declined, but not before donating $80 of Papa John's pizza, several buckets of popcorn, and a $25 BlockBuster gift card for the movie night. Life is beautiful.

Oh, and of course, people certainly asked for bobbleheads, though Dr. Conn did not address any such questions in the service. Another day, I will outline the history of the Paul Conn bobblehead craze, though I will not tell you how I got mine, or how to get one for yourself. It's not that difficult to figure out.