Assessing the Damage

Last night a string of storms ripped through the southeast producing tornados that have claimed over 250 lives and in one report, wiped out a small town. Many today are hurting and questioning why this happened. I don't have answers, but I do know that in the midst of all of this, God can shine through. He can comfort the hurting, rebuild the lives of the broken, restore the materials that were lost, and ultimately save the lost. However, He will need us to be the hands and feet in some cases. We must as believers find a way to help out in this time. Some may be able to go down to Georgia, Alabama, or Tennessee. The rest of us, and all of us for that matter, can give something towards the relief efforts. Families are in despair and we need to show them compassion and love. Pray for them yes, but please get involved and act.......STEP FORWARD!