Athiests, stop smuggling in language that tries to assume naturalism….

Athiests, stop smuggling in language that tries to assume naturalism.

“Natural processes” assumes the answer to the question we are still asking…. “is the universe created or not?” It’s a methodological naturalists mystical term saying …. “no, the universe wasn’t created, it just does stuff without being created “naturally.”

Stop using the term as if our question has already been answered. What you should say instead is…. “hmmm we see stuff happening and since we don’t know if the universe is created or not, we dont know if they are created processes or not. It could be by design, so we can’t say “natural processes, no God required.”

Observing autonomous processes taking place IS NOT evidence of being undesigned mindless processes. Right now refrigerators everywhere are making ice cubes automatically in the absence of the designer who created those processes. If you where to observe those processes from inside the system (the freezer) you could say “natural processes” are producing those ice cubes – no designer required. You’d be wrong.

So far there are only designed mindless processes, machines, freezers, computers etc. We literally have not a single example of undesigned mindless processes. Not one. All processes where we KNOW the cause are 100% of the time designed mindless processes.

Why do you hold the belief the contrary is happening or even possible???

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