Author: ourCOG

Are we approachable?

I was reading a blog by Mark Batterson that really spoke volumns to me. You can read the entire blog here. It is well worth the read.There has been, in the last several years a gulf that has been placed between the ministry and laity of the Body of Chr... »

It’s the small things

Have you ever noticed that in life, it's the small things that really hurt the worse and cause you to loose focus on the bigger picture? Take a splinter for example. You could have a little splinter in your foot and after a while, you will be walking a... »

God offers online chatting

This is great guys. Check this out here. Please understand, this is only for fun. If you are an uptight christian who thinks that it is wrong to have fun, then I suggest you "get a life" and not click the link.Peace Out............... »



So, I have been so busy this week until now, but I wanted to write about this past weekend. My roommates Valerie and Brandi came home with me because this was the only time they could the rest of this semester. We left around 5:30 on Friday and got to ... »