Baptism is symbolic argument- The argument is that baptism is…

Baptism is symbolic argument- The argument is that baptism is merely on outward sign of inward grace. Baptism is not necessary but symbolic so that other people can see it. Rom. 6:3-4

Answering the argument:

A. the text does not say that baptism is merely symbolic.

B. The text does say that baptism puts us into Christ Jesus.

C. 2 Tim. 2:10; without being put into Christ we have no salvation.

D. Rom. 6:3-4 also says we are buried with him through baptism into death. —> Christ shed his blood in death. In baptism we come into contact with his blood.

E. after baptism the text says we are to walk in newness of life. if an outward sign were correct, before being baptized we would already be walking in a newness of life.

F. Rom.6:3-4 and 1 Peter 3:21 (KJV) making the claim that “the like figure” shows only symbolic is problematic.
1. the problem is that this “figure” saves us. Type= water saved the people on the ark. Antitype= water saves us.
1. Baptism is an appeal to God for a good conscience. why does one get a good conscience when one is baptized?

a. in baptism the guilt is taken away.

b. in baptism, the sin is taken away.

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