Being Gutted

You don’t realize how much you idolize someone until they fall. Before that point, it’s couched in terms such as admiration and respect. After the fall, it’s shock and awe.

We often look back and wonder why we didn’t see the person’s shortcomings, why we didn’t realize they would betray our trust. By then, of course, it’s far too late.

I don’t say this as a what-if scenario. Someone I considered a role model recently confessed serious shortcomings. The news gutted me. I didn’t personally know the guy, had no real connection with him (other than by reputation), but the revelation hit close.

And maybe that’s what really makes the impact. This guy had done something I have a vision to do—and then fell. He had it together—but not really, not behind the veneer.

In other words, I’m not that different. If this guy could have a Bathsheba moment, so could we all.

Watching idols fall serves as a warning to each of us. If you could somehow erase the section of your brain concerning King David’s life and read it fresh, imagine the shock you’d have finding out this goodie-two-sandals, Goliath-head-chopping, shepherd-king became a petty, wife-stealing wimp.

If he messed up—God’s chosen king, a man after God’s own heart—so could you. Don’t think you’re immune. Instead, realize how much you need the Holy Spirit every time you pull yourself out of bed in the morning.