+BELIEF and PROOFS Sometimes, it may come to our minds…


Sometimes, it may come to our minds to ask: What if God is just another natural force? If not, then where does God originated from? We might be just wishful thinking about Him? What if like what others said the belief of God is just passed on to keep peace and order?

Look at yourself. Do you know and memorized your genealogy? Who are your ancestors? From what tribe? What did they do before? Do you recall? Maybe you can mention few, but if you question God, then please give me a very clear and finite evidence first, pictures, published story books, DNA tests before I can believe that the ancestry you’re telling me is right. Those questions are similar to that.

But I tell you, look at yourself. The proof that you’re here and alive means that your ancestors, although they may not all be remembered, existed. Your unique genes might have carried them.

Jesus Christ, is not a character in a story, just as every nations’ histories and heroes are not made-up. Christianity, The Bible, religions, peace and order, freedom of expression, better laws and treatment of each other, inventions, better ways of living, those are great proofs that they have existed.

Do you remember all the essays you answered in primary school? Not at all or not too clear anymore. How long have you lived? Is it more than 2000 years already? I believe no, but were you not amazed that The Bible and Jesus Christ exists until now and more and more people get to know Him? There are other great historical figures, but are all of them remembered?

There are mysteries that God choose to kept secret, for our good. He may have limited our minds with regards to that.
God is the Only One Who knows those and can choose to disclose those or not, at His perfect timing.

First, we all have to BE PREPARED TO WELCOME GOD by augmenting our love for Him and for one another.

Keep doing good and being good. Learn what is “TRUE LOVE” by looking at Jesus Christ’s Greatest SELFLESS LOVE for all. Then, after that let’s see if we will still question God. Who knows? We might already found the answers along the way.

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