Better Than Life!

In Psalms 63:3, David prays to God and says, "Your Lovingkindness is BETTER than life." Wow! What a statment. In other words, without God's love life isn't worth living. There is nothing in this life better than God's love toward us. The Bible teaches us that God "so loved us that He gave His only begotten Son for us." It also says "while we were yet in sin, did Christ come and die for us." That is an awesome kind of love. Too many times we decide whether we are gonna show someone love or not based upon their treatment of us. That is not God's love. He loved us first and proved it through the Cross. You see, not only is His love better than life; but His love is life. Without His love shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, there is no life here or in the future. His love gives us our future hope. Christ in us is the hope of Glory according to the book of Colossians. How has His love impacted you? How has it made a difference in you? Think on these questions today and remember, you can't earn His love, He already has loved you. God bless