BibleHub is blocked ?

My Bible hub site is blocked ?

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  1. i have had a problem with cut and paste from Bible hub as usually i get a notice that it is against community standards

  2. “Community Standards” is what the Beast of Rome claims it to be. The Beast ‘standards’. I have put simple Bible Truths on comments, but they say it goes against there beliefs/so they are practicing ‘hate speech’ from Rome. Taking our freedom of religion and speech. That’s how it is to be in these last days. If you don’t take their ‘mark’ of Sunday False Sabbath, then your RFID or chip card will be canceled and you can’t ‘buy or sell’. These are ‘Standard Community’ standards is just a simple example of their power, as they have shown you.

  3. That’s the only internet Bible I use for 7 years because it’s the best. I just used it in church this morning , it is still blocked as unsafe :O

  4. God doesn’t want 2 talk 2 ya anymore or be friends!lol hahaha isn’t that what usually happens when ya get
    Joking of course!lol

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