Book Review – Nudge by Leonard Sweet

I fondly remember sitting in Bible college, listening to my Personal Evangelism professor tell stories about he led people to pray with him. I remember all the times I led someone down the “Roman’s Road”. A few years after Bible college, I realized that the “road” did not work for me anymore. I guess I quit believing it maybe ever worked at all.


Throughout my years as a follower of Jesus, I have heard of relationship evangelism. Although a lot of people thought it was a cop out, I started many more conversations started about having a faith in Jesus.


Nudge by Leonard Sweet is the next phase of “evangelism” or the spreading of the good news.


The book brings up two areas, shining and sensing. My heart resonated more with the sensing. Leonard talks about every sense and how we can experience the living God and therefore help others to experience who God is. He writes in a way, that I like to slowly and methodically read through his writing, as it is full of good short stories and quotes. He backs up a lot of what he says with other’s thinking.


This book also made me think a lot about semiotics or the signs of messages coming. It is incredible to think of all the imagery that Jesus used as he lived and also told stories. I could tell you so much more about this book, but I would hate to ruin it for you. Much of it was new to me, and the depth of the content was really interesting.


Congratulations again to Leonard Sweet for yet another book that has helped me make more sense of my faith in Jesus.


I was given this book for review by The Ooze Viral Bloggers program to give an honest review.