Catalyst 2011 – Dave Ramsey Takeaways

Bar none, there is no one on TV who makes as much common sense as Dave Ramsey…pure genius…brutal honesty about finances, stewardship and life.  Here are some of my favorites from today’s session:

  • In the marketplace, Christians should be “roaring lambs!”
  • In order to be present, you have to know that people matter.
  • You have to stop in our TRANSACTIONAL CULTURE to be relational!
  • People matter.
  • Go relational!
  • Treat people well…opportunities come through people.
  • If you are going to put a fish on the back of it, you better drive it right.
  • Excellent people love working in excellent environments.
  • Leaders should probably spend double or triple the amount of time they are presently spending on staffing.
  • You’re hiring the spouse too…do spousal interviews to weed out the talented people you want to hire who don’t have adequate support form their spouse.
  • Slow and steady matters.
  • If you don’t have the resources to fund it, maybe that’s God saying you shouldn’t do it.
  • When you are growing faster than your money to sustain it, you are growing too fast.
  • Do’t advance past your supply lines.
  • He who is impulsive exalts folly. -Proverbs 11:29
  • Don’t blame your impulsiveness on the Holy Spirit or Jesus.
  • Put a spirit of generosity on your ministry.
  • Look at your work as an act of worship.
  • How to leave a bad job -> -> -> Be so excellent that the competition steals you away.
  • If you tell the truth and show up on time, you’re ahead of 80% of the rest.
Tim Schraeder’s copious, super-detailed and overly excellent notes!

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