Catalyst Conference 2011 – Dr. Cornel West

Dr. Cornel West, professor, civil rights activist, socialist, and actor (Matrix) spoke at Catalyst.  I’m not a Cornel West fan as it pertains to his political ideology.  I’m not really into socialism.  HOWEVER, Dr. West absolutely captivating in his interview.  He is an effective communicator with some really great things to say.  Two ideas stood out so loudly that they are the only two things I want to share here:


1. “I am a Christian with gangster proclivities.” I used to do those things. Now I don’t…but, I still wrestle with it.

2. “A hatred for Xenophobia isn’t the same as love for everyday people.”


Maybe, it’s just me.  But, I find it easy to be “against.” It’s much more challenging to be “for.”  God is not satisfied with us being against injustice. He wants us to love.  It caused me to think about how Jesus overturned the money changers in the Temple.  He was against their actions.  But, he did not cause them irrecoverable loss.  While Jesus was against their actions, He was also for their recovery and redemption.

Therein lies the beauty of the revolutionary Jesus.  He not only rises up against.  But, He is so FOR that He lays down His life for the very ones who killed Him.  It’s for that reason that Christianity went viral, unstoppable…a movement of against would’ve never made it past the first century.

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