Celebrating a pagan holiday and claiming it honors the Messiah…

Our Creator defines paganism as the worship of devils, idolatry, and spiritual adultery/fornication. When we practice paganism, especially in God’s name, we are committing spiritual adultery. We are spiritually cheating on our Bridegroom with other gods. How can we remain as the spotless virgin Bride of Messiah if we’ve defiled our garments with the stain of other gods?

Thinking we can make holy heathen observances is like thinking we can make holy any other sin. Adding God’s name to a pagan holiday doesnt purify the paganism. All it does is pollute God’s holy name and cause us to use His name in vain and worship Him in vain. He doesnt accept that kind of worship. It’s like trying to purify sewage by adding clean water. All it does is pollute the clean water.

COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE! ~ Revelation 18:4

Shalom! ✡🕎✝️

Celebrating a pagan holiday and claiming it honors the Messiah is like having an affair and claiming it honors your spouse.

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  1. You can say whatever but we will continue to celebrate Christmas till our Lord comes. Antichrist are all over the world in this end times. When our saviour comes He will separate the wheat from chaff.

  2. Sunday simply mean SUN, DAY. It is d day of worshipped Pagans god of SUN in d ancient time. Can we now conclude dat all Sundays churches services and worship is a service to d pagan gods of SUN. Because God will not accept a day names after a pagan god dat we are now using for his worship. Pls I need an answer

  3. Amen,remember the end times deceptions,and the end times apostasy,so pray for the spiritual discernment for others,that the Vail be lifted thank you for your insight

  4. We are all guilty of worshipping other gods at some point, but God was able to redeem us! He can redeem days of the week as well! Worshipping Him on a certain day doesn’t make it pagan worship!

  5. I know jesus my redeemer.. He preached daily and i dont know that pagan god of yours…i worship God daily including Sunday which of course God created… So if you worship gods as a pagan as you say on Sunday thats you not others and hell is waiting for you… Anyway where do you hide on Sunday because you say it belongs to the devil?

  6. Y’all are too legalistic. Back under Levitical law, Judaism was practiced much differently. We now have a new covenant. We worship God every day. The day of the week doesn’t matter one single bit. That falls under works. We are saved by grace through our faith. We look to the OT to understand our God and faith from the beginning. We look to the NT to guide us in the present day under our new covenant in Christ alone. Zero rituals. Rules yes, but get over a “pagan” day. If you celebrate Christ as others celebrate paganism, there is nothing wrong. I have no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny. I solely worship and celebrate Christ. So many words we use in our current language have pagan origins. Doesn’t mean a thing. It’s what we do In our service to Christ. Non-believers get married all the time. They remove God from the ceremony. It’s so sad. They don’t understand the commitment as Christians do. God designed marriage. So all we have to do is follow God’s rules. God wants us to worship Him and look to Him seven days a week. He doesn’t care what the day is. Saturday is after the god Saturn. I think all the days of the week have pagan names

  7. Some Christmas haters include, Satanists, Witches, Atheists, and some Religious Zealots. Why? The answer is obvious.

  8. People without the Holy Spirit should be teaching biblical things, for the carnal man cannot understand the things of the Spirit of God, for they are spiritually discerned.

  9. Let’s get real here. There are conditions for something to be a sin–an offense against God. First, one must know it’s a sin. Regardless of all these boorish posts attributing any action of celebration as paganism, no one accepts following traditions of a holiday as a pagan. ……………….Second, one must WANT to do it,i.e. commit the sin of worshiping an object for its power or to please it. Safely to say about zero Christians worship–or want to–their Christmas tree or the eggs they color festively at Easter………………….Third: one must commit the act (worshiping an object other than God) of falsely worshiping an object. ……………………………. These three steps are NOT even thought of by about 100% of Christians who have instead embraced the actions and traditions as acts of adoration and celebration of major redeeming steps of us in Jesus’s Life. ………………………………….. The HEART….. it is always THE HEART THAT GOD LOOKS TO FOR WHAT IS BEHIND A PERSON’S ACTIONS, and I believe it can be very safely stated that no one who has celebrated 75 years of the current Christmas or Easter traditions believing they are honoring God will lose their salvation nor suffer another 75 years for using those traditions to honor Him. ……………………………….. Rolling these Pagan memes out each holiday is NOT ONLY EXTREMELY TEDIOUS but is one act that turns off NON-BELIEVERS about Christians. THINK FIRST HENCEFORTH, PLEASE.

  10. you were once a slave to sin and a vessel of wrath.
    Did God take a the vessel of sin that you are and poured his Holy Spirit into it?
    So you are a pagan thing that God is using to spread the gospel.
    in (1 Kings 10:1-23) King Solomon used gold from the queen of sheba for drinking vessels in the house of God and the throne.
    did that paganise th kingdom of Israel?

  11. Well that’s exactly what ya did in posting on social media, FB is paganism, it’s a false God. it’s replaced the main source of the truth, God’s Word with worldly idea’s & what the world thinks instead of believing in the Word of God. M8 just worry about living ya life 4 Christ instead of trying 2 cause unnessessary arguments over irrelevant things. Let God show them the error of their ways & U worry about your own life. Bless ya

  12. Which of the days do the pagans created? Have you forgotten that the earth is the LORD and it fullness thereof?

    GOD owns the day, season, and time. Do the pagan deserve to celebrate any demonic thing in the day which GOD created?

    And if the date was taken away from the pagan is it bad?
    Supposing the world celebrate the Lord with their whole heart and magnify Him throughout the whole world at that same date how wonderful would it had been!

    So never called any day pagans day because they are not the Creator of the day.
    The earth belongs to GOD.

  13. Uhm, we’re not celebrating a pagan holiday, dumb ass. Tell you what. We can celebrate the birth of Jesus on the actual date he was born. When you find that out, get back to us.

  14. So what steps have you taken not to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Have you yourself put this holiday in perspective?

  15. I see where you are coming from. Christ / Yashua was born in Sept but Satan(through Constantine) legalised Christianily and in my opinion weakened it. So instead of celegrating in Sept we cekebrate in Dec

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