Computer Woes

Just a quick note to post that I won't be posting much for a bit because I'm having computer issues. A couple of nights ago before I went to bed I set my computer to defrag the hard drive. I disconnected from the internet since I was leaving my computer on, but I failed to think to change the settings, so that when the defrag was done rather than shut my computer down, it restarted. When it restarted, it logged me back on to the internet, and someone hacked into my computer and used it to download music and movies. They also did something to disable my System Mechanic which would have stopped this from occurring. Long story short, my computer is totally messed up. When I finally got it to start up, I had 1774 registry errors and several viruses. One of them continues to turn my screen off, and every time I do get it up and running, I find more errors and things they've done to my computer. I don't know if I will be able to fix it. My biggest concern is that I have all of my programs for my photography business on that computer, and numerous recent photos that I had not yet backed up. In short, my business is wiped out for the time being. 

I'll be back soon, but just wanted to let my readers know that for a little while, I am a forced leave.