CROSSING TO THE OTHER SIDE mark 4:35-41;5:1-19,Luke 8:22-39; mark 6:45-56….

CROSSING TO THE OTHER SIDE mark 4:35-41;5:1-19,Luke 8:22-39; mark 6:45-56. Jesus throughout His earthly ministry had some moments of crossing over. He changed locations, styles of ministration, method s of presentation and so on. He had the understanding of times and preached the right message at the right time. The preachers of this age must emulate our Lord Jesus Christ in discerning the time and knowing the message of the hour. Everyone all over the world had realized that we are at the end of the time by the current situation (pandemic-covid 19) that is ravaging the whole world. As the church is opened again, let’s know that it’s time to cross to the other side. Jesus did that twice in the book of mark. After crossing over: (1) He delivered the mad man of garderene (2) He taught a salient message on his dirty and the kingdom of God. However, cross over was obstructed by a Great Dorm in both cases . That means as the church is crossing over, there will be strict opposition by Satan and his Co hort. To cross over; The Church must know she is in the midnight, a minute before the return of her bridegroom and the reign of the Antichrist. Christ agenda for the church is: (1) Revival of the saints (2) world evangelization (3) preparing the saints for the Lord’s coming by making disciples. The preachers should return to discipleship, teachings of holiness, salvation, Christian moderation and godliness with contentment. If any preacher refuses to cross over, he/she will be left behind at the Rapture. Church members be wise, don’t be deceived again, your money will not save you. Change to the CROSS OVER CHURCH.

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