Day 11/40

Day 11/40

  • “The way a society comprehends courage will, in a great part, determine whether it will be a noble civilization or sink into brutality and barbarism.  Courage is not the feeling of fearlessness. It is rather that willingness of mind necessary to act out of conviction rather than feeling.” _Mark Rutland, Character Matters p. 14

Hello all you 40-days PEPpers!

Here’s a word of encouragement…

On this eleventh day of our 40-days of prayer and fasting I want to encourage you yet again to be courageous.  If your 40-days commitments were made out of a conviction that is God-honoring, then do not back down!  There will be moments when you will feel like giving up or watering down your commitment, others may encourage you to do so and life around you will certainly not be applauding your sacrifice; but stand on your convictions – God will honor you and in twenty-nine more days you are going to be so thankful that you did.

If there would be one thing that I’d encourage you to do today it would be to journal.  Write down your thoughts and reflections.  Log those things that you are learning and that you sense God prompting your heart about.  This journal should then go with you through the rest of the year.  Remember, 40-days is not so much about a short 40-day period of time; it is more about preparing you for the journey you will be taking throughout 2011.  For example, Day-22 may be about preparing you for events that will happen in week 22. 

Your feelings will tempt you to get caught up in how you feel right now; your convictions will keep you focused on how you will feel further down the road.

Remember that at tonight’s service (6:00 p.m.) Communion will be served.  Be praying and preparing for that during the day.

I love you and am proud of you…be courageous,