Day 27/40

Good morning!

I send my best wishes and prayers to you on this sunny Monday in Fort Mill.  Be blessed and with God’s anointing – make it a great week.

Following are some good quotations to take into the week with you.  They came from my quotation list for today.

  1. “Living for right now is God’s gift of peace to you. That’s why they call it “the Present.” _Ben Lerner,  Body by God, pg. 263
  2. “Steady application may not necessarily elevate the peaks of the super performer, but it can put a foundation under him to minimize the depth of his valleys.” _Mark Rutland, Character Matters
  3. “There is no more important human quality than sharing with others. There is no source of true happiness more complete than an act of charity.  It is what life is all about.  In bad economic times, I have had to take out bank loans to meet my philanthropic pledges.” _Jon M. Huntsman, Winners Never Cheat
  4. “Success in life is pretty much determined by one’s ability to stop what he ought to stop and to start what he ought to start.” _Charles L. Allen, Healing Words
  5. “NOW spelled backwards is WON.” _Charles L. Allen, Healing Words
  6. “The greatest good we can do for others is not to share our riches with them, but to reveal their riches to them.”  _Zig Ziglar, You Can Reach the Top, p. 152
  7. “I can serve with excellence only after I have listened with earnestness.” (Lesson from Martha & Mary) _Sonja K. Kemp
  8. “A cat may look at a king but a cat cannot see a king.” _Ruskin (Poet), Recapture the Wonder by Ravi Zacharias, p. 145
  9. “Thinking is a dying discipline in a society that throbs with activity.” _Ravi Zacharias, Recapture the Wonder, p. 154
  10. “Self-discipline is not a way to sanctify ourselves. God must do that. Still, we cannot go on worshipping our own bellies while praying to God to add virtue to our lives. God expects us to discipline ourselves.” _Mark Rutland, Character Matters p. 56