Dealing with Disappointment

This past week Suzanne and I have experienced a few disappointments. In response, we have heard well meaning people say things like, “It wasn’t meant to be,” or, “God has a plan,” or “when God shuts a door he opens a window,” or my favorite, “you will be a great fit somewhere.”

I appreciate all the people who said things like that, but it really does not deal with emotion we have felt. A few of my friends have sent messages that have said, “that sucks,” or “so sorry,” and “my heart goes out to you.” For some reason, those comments meant more to me this week.

It is hard to take a leap of faith, really hard, and especially frustrating when you think God is leading you to something and it falls apart. I feel a little bit like I missed it. One month ago, I did not see things playing out like this. It is extremely disappointing, to deal with unexpected outcomes and dealing with new changes to old situations.

So this should be a post about how we will overcome come this, but I will save it for another day. Because that day will be coming, but for now, we pause in the stench of our planning through our motives and our desires.

God continue to mold us and make us like you, even in the times that we “missed it”. I mourn and long to see the mourning turned into dancing. In His timing, that feels out of sync with mine.