Did Church of God miss a historic opportunity?

Church of GOD misses historic opportunity to allow women as ordained bishops to the ministry

A spokesman in support of women ordained bishops in the Church of God General Assembly stated that any woman exercising the gifts of the Spirit has the necessary qualifications to be an ordained bishop in the denomination

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  1. Scripture is settled, women are NOT to be Bishops. No amount of feminist talking points will change what the Word of God says. Either we accept the authority of God’s Word or we reject it.

  2. Only God can see the future. How can you say historic opportunity if you have no clue how their ordination would turn out. That is terribly presumptuous of you. What you are saying that they missed God on this. I hope you realize the repercussions of such a statement. How can they be trusted if they miss God. It is time to put our pet feelings/doctrines behind and trust that they heard from God. If you think they missed, I would give a vote of confidence by my departure.

    1. Be very very carful my friend that neather add to or take away you cannot without paying the price take away,thevword is what it is aggreevor not we all have to abide by the word whither we are gen.overseer or just a member.some times the word hurts but we have to abide bu it period.

  3. I believe we need to trust the providence of God, If we believe God is all powerful, all knowing, and works all things together for the good of those who are called according to His purpose in Christ then we must,MUST believe that He is leading the voting of the General Assembly regardless of whether we like the outcome or not. I say no, we did not miss anything.

  4. Time to actually go by the bible and not our feelings or likes. A century of experience, tradition and man centerness always come back to harm. It is the bible and not our way.

  5. I believe it is dangerous to call into question the decisions of the General Assembly. I believe our brothers are led by the Holy Ghost in their votes and to say they missed an opportunity historic or otherwise is to question the leading of the God on this great denomination.
    Regarding Bishops, we see clear evidence of male references in the Greek text. If we stray and start using the other meanings then it would open cans of worms I do not think the Church of God wants to go to. I do believe that there can be women pastors, teachers, etc. But I can’t get past the text dealing with Bishops being male overseers of the church.

    1. We as ministers if the church have every rite yo into question our offiacels they are voted in by us we to are lead of god and i feel someyimes poitices gets in the way of god realy wants to do,our offichials can be wrong to,remember there humans not gods,they no matter how high upnthey are can be wrong to get that into your head,yhey are higher than us but not infallabel

    2. Dan Buckallew absolutely they are human. but if we are serious about biblical adherence rather than just blowing smoke where is one reference to women being Bishops in the word of God? I believe we prayerfully, Biblically seek God’s will for the Church of God. If I have to choose between people’s feelings or being true to God’s word and will I hope I take a stand on and for Gods word and will as I believe our leadership does. Perfect no, but striving

    3. Dan Buckallew – if they are wrong often, why submit to their authority? Tradition, you don’t have the faith to step away? It is obvious their minds are not gonna change. Perhaps with new folks coming in, but then you might have a whole different man made structure.

    4. JohnMushenhouse9ki agree to a point,but dont forget when polatices gets in the way of gods work we have a problem,i do ecactkly what the bible says ,i bekeve in the teachings prackticale commitmetts,and the general church doctrine ,been affliested withe church for 61 yr.and know a lot about studied for that amount of time as well,and i still say some has changed for the worse,and beleve we will sand in judgement before god i have a rite to reprove and rebucke according to the word if done in a godly maner and respect.

    5. John Mushenhouse I believe that the structure of the Church of God is set up by the Holy Ghost, not man. In Titus 1:5 Paul told Titus he was to ordain elders. he then lays down the qualifications for bishops. Was he following the leading of the Holy Ghost? I believe so. Are we to assume Titus missed it when followed Paul’s direction? I believe the founders of the Church of God were men led by the Holy Ghost. Did they make mistakes? I’m sure. But not in the structure of our governing body. If we believe so then maybe we are the ones who are wrong, and If so we are in deep trouble.

    6. Shawn Croninger I believe so. There was a council in Jerusalem made up of the twelve. Bishops are clearly seen as pastors in scriptures. but the body could approach the council in Jerusalem to deal with issues and needs.

    7. Ronald Lee any time you all just one thing worng in it begins to spoil the whole barrel these again are good men of god but remember even they can be wriong we all are fallable,and i do not wordhipe officels i worshipe god,but we all have dissagrements ,dosent meen i am angry,i still love you my bro.but dont totaly agree obey thise who have rule over you;key word is in the lord,that is used very lightly to many times ,to get there way,we need to try the spirit to see if it be real or not.

    8. Dan Buckallew I would totally agree with that. Even Paul says follow me as I follow Christ. I’m saying that from where I see our structure and policy we are biblical.

    9. Shawn Croninger absolutely local churches should. but denominations provide a good biblical source of checks and balances. Again look at Acts. when there were disputes they went to the Council in Jerusalem for directions. But they were open to correction. Even Paul corrected Peter when he was led astray,

  6. Why does refried Methodist come to mind when I think of Church of God hierarchy. Property ownership assigning of preachers to local congregations. It is ok to have a breakdown of leadership to take the burden of ministry.

  7. Shawn Croninger I think you are speaking from second hand information. I have pastored two churches in the COG. over 12 yrs of ministry. neither were by appointment, I was voted in by the local body. They had two other candidates. As far as the Denomination owning the property goes, that protects the local body as well as the denomination. Tenn. provides any needed legal support etc. and gudience as requested. the last church I pastored had a leaky roof,mortgage, and sound system that needed to be paid for. I took it to my state council via my district overseer and they took care of it for us. The only appointments I know of were brethren who were willing to go to struggling churches and help build them up.

  8. Ronald Lee we are not greek,thats whyvyou get messd up ust the english keep trying this all the time and all it will get you is an argument we are to be children oho live as close to a christ like life as we can be an exsample with out try ing to be a proffesser

  9. Dan Buckallew sorry, I guess I have seen two too many Overseers come in to a church to help put down controversy and ramrod the congregation in favor of the pastor who was out of order.

  10. Shawn Croninger extreme I might add. Believing in sinless perfection in the present life. Which can in a moment of time be had. A J did it. Right? While simultaneously bearing the threat of losing that very salvation for a sin.

  11. Shawn Croninger we are pentecostel through and through,this discushen was setteld mny years ago why argue it in this day and age we are allready the lsrgest pentivostel church on the world,so whats thevpiont,it usless to to gon about it.

  12. Dan Buckallew when we receive salvation do we not receive Him? How can we call ourselves born again if we do not receive the Spirit? I do not see partial spirit filling in the Bible. All or nothing.

  13. Shawn Croninger The churches made request for preachers to try out, the overseer sent whom he thought would be what the church would need. I don’t really have a problem with either method. Read Titus 1:5 if you don’t think men can be appointed to churches.

  14. Shawn Croninger you miss the point. The Overseer would have sent who the church requested if the individual was available, You must have been passed over for a church you wanted. Sorry.

  15. Shawn Croninger How do you know? all Paul told Titus to do was seek out those who meet the qualifications and appoint them. I imagine they were indigenous to the area he found them in. Don’t know any other way he could have done it.

  16. Shawn Croninger this is going now where the arguement is thatvyou must have onest been inthe church and did not get your way is whybyou so argutive,about all of this.

  17. According to scripture a Bishop=Elder=Pastor=Teacher [are the same]…A woman can not be any of these without being a Commandment Breaker…Let the Women be Silent in the Church for they are COMMANDED to be under OBEDIENCE as also sayeth the Law.

    1. Here is my question: Who Is the Elect Lady and her children 2 John 1:1 and 13 if she were not a pastor? I believe history teaches that that scripture is talking about unsaved women speaking in church, I do agree they cannot be bishops.

    2. I am not in disagreement on this point, just curious. 2 John 1:7 and 13 would be the only scriptural examples I could offer of women being pastors. it sure does look like they were in leadership roles.

    3. left page Ordinance of Hair Lenghth…Right page Commandment Women Commanded to be Silent in the Church.Based on Adam & Eve and Angels,not as the liberals have deceived many into believing that it was based on culture..

  18. I don’t have a problem with submission. The problem I have with the Church of God is the ‘got you withGod’ type authority where you can not have a real discussion or raise a concern without being branded unloyal. The curses of the Bible being thrown about like the ministers own personal manipulation tool.

  19. Shawn Croninger So then you would say Jesus’ proclamations of signs and wonders following those that believe was temporary I don’t see Jesus or Paul giving any indication of what you just said, but men who don’t want to believe it have. Denominations and structure type folk so you can’t believe that either.

  20. Shawn Croninger Again you judge. I’m sure you’ve been in every church of God and can disprove any miracles due to your all knowing eye. Brother you are the one with the issue, not the Church of God, Jesus would say “O ye of little faith.”

  21. Shawn Croninger if the results in Africa for hype based anamistic religious experience wasn’t so pronounced I’d have to give you a pass. But you ask people to dismiss the mind to be filled with the spirit. Need real genuine verifyable miricles in order to say God is doing it today.

  22. Ronald Lee gurus in anamistic religions use heavy repitition and other psycological ques to mezmorize worshipers into more receptive states. People speak in tounges and have wierd manifestations. Same as in Hindu religious practices.

  23. First off, It is clear that you are a judgemental selfrighteous individual who is ate up in pride and have no idea about this denominations and its beliefs. Second, you have no idea how people receive the Baptism with the Holy Ghost. To compare it to Eastern Mysticism shows you are close-minded as well. You cannot defend your arguments against Spiritual manifestations with the word so you use weak comparisons at best? Really? I think you should hold yourself up to the Word of God rather than us and you would be better off.

  24. Shawn Croninger emotion is good if channeld rite you sir are like the blind leading the blind,you have no vlue whatvyou talking about ,much prayer with a vlear mind on the lord you might feal pashion we feel about the spirit of the lord in our souls!

  25. Dan Buckallew What you call fits of emotion we call signs and wonders. in the Church of God we are fulfill Mark 16:18 and while we don’t go looking for snakes or poison we know Gods hand of protection is upon us.

  26. Shawn Croninger was it decent and in order when the Holy Ghost fell on the Hosehold while Peter preached in Acts 10? Was it decent and in order when they were filled with the Holy Ghost in Acts 2 and the people thought they were drunk? Not by your standard but look at the impact,

  27. What do we do with the scripthure that tells the women to be silent in the church,not to usurp athority,and to dress modestly,they can preach be ordained but bishop gos to far the next thing you know they will want to be general overseer which i do mot aprive of,they need be happy with where they are in the lord weve allready given them more than we should.old school yes i am and will allways be,my vote would be no!

    1. What about the women in Jesus time? Mary Magdalene, Mary, the sister of Martha. Lydia, the seller of purple. And Mary the mother of Jesus. We are all called to be servants and serve where we can. But, God is the Head. Man is next. Then the women. Everyone has a place in God’s scheme of things.
      I believe the Word of GOD.!!

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