Do you really want another opinion?

Do you really want another opinion?

Good top of the morning to you!

I added today’s quotation not because I like it but because it convicted me.

  • “How comes it that men are almost always sure to arrive at the conclusions reached by their own party?” _Frederick W. Robertson, Classic Sermons on The Will of God

I have the tendency to gravitate to those that confirm what I believe.  For example, if I happen upon a news program that does not agree with my point of view I almost always go to another program.  However, I have learned that “my side” and the “wrong side” :) are seldom ever completely right or completely wrong; we can learn from all people and the “point” in their point of view can prod us to reflect and reexamine our own views.

In the final analysis, there is only one absolutely safe source of truth to build your life upon and that is God’s word.  That is why Bible reading and study must be one of the few absolutely nonnegotiable of your daily life.

God be with you today,


A few other good quotations:

  • “Who you work for is waiting for you at home.” (Billboard sign), The Automatic Millionaire, by David Bach, p. 68
  • “In the early days of Christianity, a scoffer once inquired, “What is your Carpenter doing now?”  And the answer of the unperturbed Christian was bold: “Making a coffin for your Emperor!”  _Charles R. Swindoll, Laugh Again, p. 72
  • “Talent is God-given, be humble; fame is man-given, be thankful; conceit is self-given, be careful.” _John Wooden, UCLA. Basketball coach