“Don’t Squabble with “Squeaks” pastor Loran Livingston, Central Church September 8, 2019 8 30

God is not primarily interested in you having a “better life” but in making a stronger you. God wants you to have an abundant life so you would be able to serve Him no matter what the circumstances are. Just know that every problem is a spiritual problem because everything comes from the hand of God. Learn to see God behind the circumstances and things in your life and trust Him, believe that He is good and what is happening in your life is God’s way of keeping you from going astray and protecting you from the coming disasters. Learn not to blame others and instead learn to bless the Lord at all times and thank Him for both good and bad things in your life. Quit fighting “little” disturbing things & “squeaks” coming your way, give them up to God to deal with and face the giant. Don’t get sidetracked!

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