# During times in Church history when there was a…

# During times in Church history when there was a…

# During times in Church history when there was a generation or a lifetime of peace, did they conquer any issues or progress any thoughts or practical methods?

Is this time in Church history one where consideration is prevalent while advancing thoughtfulness consists together with it, delivering gain?

What will we do with our advancements in knowledge of facts, understanding of the human soul and human groups and wisdom concerning our real situation?

I’m thinking of one of the early leaders of the Alexandrian church. Maybe there were even more than one time over the first few centuries when an entire time went by that was peaceful so that history might record few facts about them. I wonder what they were up to. Surely they weren’t *just* sitting on the porch, watching the flowers bloom. They had an opportunity to flesh out whatever work might have still been laying around from before, though I don’t know about historical times enough to say in those instances. However, I see today. And it seems to me that we in America and other places have an opportunity to capitalize on our super-filthy-rich wealth of the average 21st century Christian and all the time it affords us (ESPECIALLY during and highlighted by the lockdown). The hungry American has more options for merely foraging in many parts of this Country, and the Western world as a whole, though there are places here and there where pickins are surely slim, but this gets away from the point a little.. Don’t we have the knowledge, the capability to see truth with a higher-grained closeness than the Church during so many dark centuries and daily hard work exhaustion could have had leisure for? I think we do, but what are we doing with it but wasting it on disputes over words that don’t have any benefit even if they’re figured out and agreed upon? Instead of that, let’s think about all the forms of garbage we’ve swallowed at the low level on TV that we thought was “basically decent” though obviously secular, and gain great knowledge about who we are and what lies we’ve allowed (and the corresponding truths we’ve ignored).

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