Energized and Enthusiastic

In the last several weeks in our bible studies, I have been talking about the Acts 2 church and if that church is the same as the church that we see today. Sunday I talked about the characteristics that are associated with that church. The very first characteristic that "jumped" out was the energy and enthusiasm that was generated by the Holy Spirit.

Without the Divine energy and enthusiasm of the Holy Spirit, we will only be able to produce what man can conjure up. We have settled into the mainstream of life and have become part-time believers. I am convinced that we have moved away from any belief in the supernatural ability of God and the saddest part about this is, the church is leading the way. Even in Pentecost.

You have seen these churches that I am speaking about. They are churches that have little or no growth. They are churches with very few, if any saved. (Side note. I had a friend tell me this past week that since January 1st, they have seen 39 people saved in their church. Not 39 who said a cute prayer, but 39 in which the conviction of the Holy Spirit gripped there hearts and brought about a dramatic chane in their lives.) There are also churches where their services are so predictable, that they are dull. Even in Spirit filled churches.

Our services have been gauged by how many people "speak in tongues," or "fall out." The supernatural move of God is not about speaking in tongues nor falling out or even getting "goose bumps." The supernatural move of God is the changing of something from a previous state of existence to a better state of existence. When the lepers were healed they went from being sick to being well. When the blind was healed, they went from seeing darkness to seeing light. When an unbeliever starts to believe, he changed his eternal destination.

The church has lead the way where God has been limited to helping us emotionally through a crisis, but never intervening with the power to change the problem. In a previous post, I wrote about how we have become so dependent on pills for everything. We have learned to treat the symptoms, and have totally ignored the problem. That mentality has found it's way into the Body of Christ. God has become nothing more to us than a supernatural Psychiatrist that gives us a "feel good" pill instead of the supnatural Healer and Provider that He is.

Peace out...................