Enough of This!!!

In the time since I have returned from vacation, I have had discussions with no less than six people/couples who are having very serious marital problems with one or both partners ready to walk away from their marriage. All of these are Christian couple and none of these couples are talking about infidelity or even a hint of inappropriate behavior sexually. Literally, in all of these cases, "life" is getting in the way; ie lack of communication, stress over finances, lack of common goals, and so on.  I've said this to the people involved in every case... "until you take the divorce option off the table, you are doomed."

I'm not slamming on any one of those couples. (I know several of them read my blog.) I want you to know that I take these issues very serious and I am praying for you and with you. But as Christian couples, you need to realize, you did not enter into a contract that can be broken when you married your partner. You entered into a covenant. Covenants are not broken easily. Even the word "divorce" needs to be eliminated from your vocabulary. When you remove that as an option, it causes you to realize that you have an issue that MUST be resolved and worked out. It is not an option to leave things as they are, nor to leave. So roll up your sleeves and get to work.

My reason in writing this blog is not to criticize anyone, but rather to bring an alert to the church (not just mine... but to the Body of Christ) that Satan is going after our marriages and it is time that we collectively tell the enemy, "you are done here!"  We need to bind together in prayer for our brothers and sisters and their marriages. We need to safeguard our own marriages! We need to enter into some very frank and open discussion about this within the body. Why hide what is killing us? Let's confront this, and kick it's butt!
I'm tired of Satan's games and I'm tired of our silence giving him a free run within the church. Enough of this, already. I'm declaring war on the enemy that is ripping homes apart!