Evening reflection…

Evening reflection…

It’s Saturday evening and I’m looking back over this week.  It was management guru Peter Drucker that once said, “Decisions are made by human beings who are fallible; at their best their works do not last long.  Even the best decision has a high probability of being wrong.  Even the most effective one eventually becomes obsolete.”

I don’t mention this tonight to make you depressed but to remind you that in the end it is not up to you if things turn out well.

A master artist at work!

If you are like me your goal this week was not to wreak anyone’s life.  You didn’t set out to set people up for failure.  It wasn’t your goal to make people hurt, be unhappy and worry; but you probably did.  I suspect that there is indeed a high probability that we have been wrong this week.  In spite of our best efforts I’m sure that we’ve complicated someone’s life and unknowingly made someone’s life more difficult and unhappy.

Did we mean too?  Of course not, but it happens.  It is all part of being, in the words of Drucker, “human beings who are fallible.”  So what to do?  Well, its Saturday evening…there is not a lot more we can do about this week.  But there is still one thing we can do, we can turn it over to God.  He is the final arbitrator over our lives and deeds and thankfully He can make good come out of every situation; even the messy ones.

A priceless masterpiece through the eyes of a papa

A few days ago Jennifer set her two little geniuses loose with some paint and a canvas.  It was real messy, but in the end – through the eyes of a papa their work was a masterpiece.  Somehow I believe through God’s eyes we are a lot closer to little children than we realize and that through his eyes our messy efforts look beautiful.  So let’s turn our backs on another week, leave it in his hands and not declare the final word on anything until we see it framed in the end by his loving hands.

Deal?  Let’s shake hands on it in the morning as we start a new week…