EXCLUSIVE: Celebrate Pentecost Sunday

Celebrate the Holy Spirit this Pentecost Sunday
by reading one of these great articles from the Pneuma Review archives:

Ken Archer

Ken Archer, “Biblical Imagery: The Metaphorical Symbols of the Holy Spirit” appearing in the Summer 2011 issue.

Christian theology should always be concerned to speak about God on the basis of God’s self-communication in Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God comes to us in Christ Jesus through the power and personal presence of the Holy Spirit. … [Read more]


Henry Harbuck

Henry Harbuck, “Have You Experienced A True Pentecost?

… Christians throughout the world celebrate Pentecost Sunday—a time of rejoicing and reflection on the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon those who had assembled to receive power from on high. … [Read more]


Charles Carrin, “The Holy Spirit’s Amazing Work of Art” appearing in the Spring 2008 issue.

Pentecost exploded onto the ancient world with such power that it forever altered the work of scribes and the production of books. The overwhelming demand for the written account of Jesus had no precedent in world history. As a result, the New Testament numerically eclipsed all the combined works of Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, Euripides, Homer, and other ancient writers. … [Read more]


Winfield Bevins, “The Spirit of Life.

 The reason many churches are empty, dry, and void of spiritual life is because they have lost touch with the dynamic presence and power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit played an important role in the life and ministry of the early church. It is impossible to understand the explosive growth of the New Testament church without understanding the important role of the Holy Spirit in the church. Sadly, for most of church history the Holy Spirit has been virtually overlooked. However, today many people are hungry to experience the Holy Spirit in their personal life. … [Read more]


Brian White, “Pentecost and the Inside-Out Church

The empowerment of the Spirit in our daily lives.
A Fresh Call to an Ancient Calling

It’s important to study the Holy Spirit’s activity in the early Church because your church is being encouraged to live inside out, just like the early Church did. The call to be an inside-out church is a call back to the roots of the Church, back to the very foundation of what it means to be Pentecostal. … [Read more]


Book Review: Amos Yong’s Who is the Holy Spirit? Reviewed by Paul J. Palma and appearing in the Fall 2013 issue of Pneuma Review.

Amos Yong has written a fresh and comprehensive guide concerning the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts. This work has profound implications for contemporary audiences regarding the topic of the Spirit in the Acts narrative. Who is the Holy Spirit will resonate with anyone wishing to discern the winds of the Third Person of the Holy Trinity. … [Read more]

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