Failed Journey, Terminal Friend

We were scheduled to drive to Virginia on Sunday but I was ill.  We left Monday morning and less than an hour into the trip one of our dearest friends was stricken with a terminal illness.  Cammie, had been one of those true friends, reliable to a fault.  Fair weather and foul, she carried us when we needed a lift.  Although, we sometimes abused her and often neglected her, she never complained. 

It all happened so quickly.  As I topped a hill I felt her shutter.  Within a minute we could hear a wheeze, intermitten for a few seconds and then constant and growing louder.  In an instant she lost all drive an drifted off to the magins of the highway of life.  We brought her home where she is lying in state.  Visitation will be for a few more days.  Sacreficial at all times, she was listed as an organ doner.

In our grief we drove to Chattanooga today and purchased a replacement friend.  Lexie, as we call her, is a hybrid.  We felt it our duty to combat the growing prejudices against bi-powered drivetrains.  She has already proven a great comfort to Cheryl and I am sure she will grow on me.  However, for a compact little beauty, said to go a long way on little, I suspect she has a big apetite for dough.

Pictures to follow.