Here are a couple questions I’ve pondered for ages, usually…

Here are a couple questions I’ve pondered for ages, usually around this time of year.

Is it possible, that Judas, even though he betrayed Christ, will be in Heaven? He obviously felt the weight of his actions, even attempted to return the money he was paid, and then hung himself. If, and this is a big IF Judas repented in those moments before he died, will we see him in Heaven?

Also: Was Judas created primarily for the purpose of betraying Jesus so He would be crucified? I believe in free will, but if God, who is outside time and knows everything sent His son to die for our sins, He must have had a plan for how this was all going down. Did Judas have a choice? If so, what happens if he decides not to betray Jesus? Was there a backup plan?

I know this is likely just something that’s beyond my understanding and I’m OK with that, but I can’t help but wonder. Forgive me if this is silly.

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