Here’s a good article I posted in my apologetics Facebook…

Here’s a good article I posted in my apologetics Facebook…

Here’s a good article I posted in my apologetics Facebook group.


This is a common objection among atheist circles.. Even many prominent Christians do and have struggled with this issue.. In fact, it can be one of the must difficult to deal with in discussion “IF” you’re not prepared.. C.S. Lewis himself dealt with it. He actually wrote a good book on it called “The Problem Of Pain”. I’ve seen Christians shy away from this issue when challenged. NEVER back away from that question. You’ll add validation to the skeptics issue. Instead, be ready to give a cohesive response.. You see, Here’s the thing about suffering.. There’s really only 2 kinds of suffering.. Suffering caused by others which is moral evil, OR natural suffering such as tornados. The first being a moral issue, without believing in an external point of reference atheists have no basis to judge an issue to be absolutely morally wrong. At best they can say it’s inconvenient or say they personally disagree with it, but that becomes subjective to the individual.. Unbelievers concern for natural evil or suffering however, is perfectly understandable. The problem is however for an atheist, it’s not coherently logical for them to question natural evil. If we are simply the product of time plus change then nature has no way of placing value on human life therefore doesn’t care weather we live or die or suffer.. So in a way the unbeliever has answered their own question but created a larger problem.. If you’re going to be concerned with suffering you can not do so without placing special intrinsic value on human life. But in the atheist worldview this is illogical since they believe everything is just plain dumb luck. So yes, we as Christians see and deal with suffering as well. None of us like it, but it’s not proof that God can not or does not exist.. The atheists concern with suffering actually points towards God’s existence. And furthermore, God sees the whole picture. We only have a small vantage point of existence. This life and all that it Intel’s could very well be for the greater good. I have seen suffering bring about good, as well as many of us have. It’s important for Christians to be able to be able to answer this logically..

-God bless-

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