Hey everyone, I’m new to this group, I’m not too…

Hey everyone, I’m new to this group, I’m not too educated on the bible in terms of scripture and the historical intricacies and so forth, I’m slowly learning as I go along. Currently I’m a heavy agnostic with leanings towards christianity.

Recently I’ve been confused with an idea that I had pop into my head recently and was just hoping to gain some insight from those more bible savy than myself.
Soo here it is:

when people pray, let’s say in this instance, when a person who comes to christ, confesses their fallen nature and short falling, some christians report that afterwards or even during they experience a euphoric sensation of “calmness” or “peaceful” presence come over them, or some kind of spiritual realising/event that takes place in their lives, or I guess that being the response from Jesus entering their lives.

My confusion is that what about people of other faiths who report that they experience the same series of events, the sensations they have when praying to their god?

If Christianity is the true faith, then in theory shouldn’t those feelings only be felt or witnessed by christians? Or are the people who practice other faiths experiencing a form of spiritual deception of some sort?

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