How did I get here?

It is late and I cannot seem to fall asleep so I thought I would catch up on some websurfing. It is amazing that when you are not paying attention to what you are doing, you find yourself at a place, and it hits you and the first thing you ask is 'how did I get to here?" You try to retrace your steps backward just to see how you got to where you are at.

Well, that is what happened tonight while I was surfing the web. And no, I didn't find myself at some website that I should not have been at. I actually started my surfing at my own blogsite and linked from there to another, to another, and then to another. You get the idea. I never came back to my site to get to where I ended up. When I started, I did not intend to be where I ended up. My blog was not directly linked to the last site I visited but it served as a starting poing to get me there.

We all have starting points in our lives and they indirectly get us to where we are at. Sometime we make bad choices and find ourselve at a very uncomfortable place. It is no different than clicking on a link and up pops a site that is inapproiate for viewing. Sometime our choices put us in a place of excitement and adventure and we can't wait to see what happens next. The bottom line is this......"we all end up somewhere." I know that you are all saying,(in my best "Donkey" voice) "that was deep Bill, reeeeal deep." But one thing that I have learned is not to ask the question "how did I get here?" (which to be truthful, we all know how we got to where we are.) To start asking myself this question. "What am I going to do now that I am here?"

I am more convinced than ever, that we spend entirely too much time thinking in the past and not focusing on the present, thus not having a plan for the future.

Stop asking How and start working towards the What.

Peace Out........