How would you have handled someone who came to you…

How would you have handled someone who came to you…

How would you have handled someone who came to you with these questions?
This talk didn’t last very long. I was asked this question by a coworker of mine when I was in the break room reading & journaling in my Bible. Basically like this, sparing other details.
“So when will your people the church approve of the LGBTQ people & accept their lifestyles?”

I replied “why? Are you in that community?”
They answered “yes”
I answered straight on “we won’t”

They asked “why not?”
I answered “because it’s against God”.

They said “there are homosexual Christians out there you know”.

I replied “that’s not how it works. Jesus said in Luke 16:15 ‘what people hold in high esteem or highly regard is an abomination in God’s eyes’ & what 1 Corinthians 6 8-11 says ‘you who once practiced & supported homosexual behavior have been washed clean by Him…such people will not inherit the Kingdom of God’ so the real church won’t approve of the LGBTQ community.”

They asked “how is that loving then since your God is love?”
I answered “your love equals approval. That’s not the case with God. Jesus loved the tax collectors & prostitutes as we can see in this book more specifically in Matthew, but He didn’t approve their behavior. He brought them out of it that life with His Love. Approval is another matter.”

They asked “what about your church leaders who are showing they’re finally approving of LGBTQ people?”

I answered “I don’t look to them, but I judge them according to this book before I listen as said in 1 John 4:1. they’re false who ultimately seek praise from people not God. I remember a quote from John MacArthur ‘the church has made the most significant spiritual impact on the world it stood firm, unwavering, & bold on the Bible in the face of the enemy.’ Also, I this note here about that ‘gradually the unthinkable becomes tolerable then is accepted then legal then praised becoming a religion of the sword as I heard from Frank Turek with CrossExamined & agree with’”

They asked “so you believe that God will send these people to hell for their LGBTQ lifestyles & those pastors for their approval of them?”

I answered “if this book calls it a sin, & warns us of the consequences, then it doesn’t matter what anyone’s opinions or thoughts are. They can be as sincere about it as they can be & still be on the road to Hell if they don’t repent. Luke 13 comes to mind. I remember a Facebook post about this ‘in the end it will either be God saying to us Thy will be done or us saying to God Thy will be done. Does that answer your question?”

They answered “uh…yeah. So you don’t believe they’re born that way?”
I answered “of course not, just as I wasn’t born a Christian nor a Muslim is born a Muslim. No one is born anything. It’s all nurture & one’s own choice.”

I could tell my answers bothered them, & they stopped talking.

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