Hurting and Healing Choices

If tomorrow I could wake up and make alternate choices, I am not sure I would make many of them that different. I realize that in God’s own way, I am being shaped to who I am. I often slow down the process with bad choices, but I continue to be on a path. My friends can sense it, as I sense it in them. I have a lot of friends, I feel very blessed to have people who really care about myself and my wife. That is all great, but I guess I can’t think of all the good things in my life without thinking of my friend, David. David is laying in a hospital today, waiting for a place to stay. We went and visited him Sunday. We took him out in his wheelchair to get some air. David has no place to stay once he leaves the hospital. David sleeps outside at a church. He is suffering from a vein issue in his leg and might even lose it. I try to call him every couple of days, but I pray for him often.

I am around people most of the week that really don’t know someone in this situation. I understand why they don’t. Loving people is tough, I used to think that many people don’t love homeless or poor people, but I have realized over time that I think most people just don’t love each other. We think love is a gift or a material possession. I struggle with this myself with my friend, David. I keep thinking if I could just get him this or that, that it might be the financial break he needs. He just asks for friendship. In the end, the love and friendship we share is really all that will matter anyways. Gadgets will be outdated, homes will fall apart, and our bodies will decay, but our stories will live on.

So today, if you are reading this, show compassion to someone who really does not deserve it. Send a card to a long lost relative or friend. Reach out and have lunch with someone who is holding a hungry sign at the intersection. Attempt to make connections that will last. Just pick one person and be a blessing to them. God is calling all of us to reconnect and retry some situations.