I’ll go first

A while back I read a post on someone’s blog entitled “I’ll go first”. The idea being that nobody wants to go first when talking about their shortcomings, flaws or indiscretions. This post is written in hopes that others will go next.

I suck at balancing family and ministry. I’ve read books. I’ve heard talks at seminars. I’ve talked to friends and family members in ministry. I’ve heard people say “don’t strive for balance. It should be weighted toward family every time.” My grandfather’s life motto was “God, family, church(ministry)”. I get it. I see it on paper, but living it out is not always my strength. Here’s why:

I LOVE MY FAMILY. My wife is my best friend. Sitting here right now I can say there is no one in the world that I would rather hang out with. When we go on date nights they are like pumping fresh oxygen into my system. I love it. When we’re hanging out at the house, or catching up on DVR’d shows in bed, etc, etc, I love it…I crave it.
I love my boys. God has given me 3 little boys who I love with all of my heart. I get to see God at work through their lives. I love wrestling with them, coaching t-ball teams, listening to them play the drums, rocking Tucker to sleep…it’s the highlight of my days.

I LOVE MINISTRY. I love helping people take next steps with Christ. I love preaching and teaching about the truth of God’s word. I love dreaming about new ways and systems to help people move forward. I hate leaving things undone, so I keep working on them. Sometimes staying at the office too late, and other times neglecting my family to work on things at home that could be done later.

I’m a work in progress. Some days, weeks or seasons I do better than others. Then there are times when Corrie will check me and say, “your priorities are out of order.” I literally make it a continual matter of prayer that God will help me focus on the roles that only I can fill. I know if I died today, the church would replace me pretty quickly. But only I can fill the role I play as husband and father to my family. So I pray…

Lord thank you for your blessings. Thank you for a wonderful wife and awesome children. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you through ministry in the church. Help me live my life, and prioritize these roles in ways that honor you most of all, and fulfill what you have called me to do as husband, father, and pastor. Amen!

Okay, your turn. You go next…