I Don’t Get It.

I just have to say... "I don't get it." Here in America the third worst storm of tornadoes in our history hit, killing more than 300 people in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. To find a storm that caused more devastation here, you have to go back more than 170 years. People... entire communities have lost everything. I read of a Church of God pastor who lost his mother, sister and brother in-law in these tornadoes. A friend, who pastors in Trenton, GA has described the devastation in his community as the worst thing he has ever seen. Peruse the internet and the images coming out of these areas are heartbreaking. But turn on the television yesterday, and 90% of the "news" was centered around a "Royal Wedding."
Tell me, someone, how this has any affect on my life at all? These people are not even involved in the political structure. Their only role is to walk around and look good while people throw their love at them... and live high on the hog while at it. What's the point?
OK... if you happen to be Brittish, maybe I can see your interest... just maybe. But here in America... what is the attraction? Fantasy? I don't know. All I know is that here in Amercia we have a LOT of people hurting and in distress, and all we can hear about is a wedding in which the bride wore a dress that cost more than most people's houses. Something sad and wrong here.

This whole thing bothers me. I'll admit it probably bothers me more because I personally know so may people who live in these regions who have been hit hard. But it bothers me that as a people, we are more concerned about a multi-million dollar extravaganza that is taking place across the ocean, that will have no impact on our lives what-so-ever, than we are about our own people who are homeless, grieving over the loss of lives and their possessions,... people sitting in areas with no power, no running water, no way to feed their children... they are without hope... and America is enchanted with a Disney like story, not just for an hour... but for more than a day!  It amazes me that when earthquakes or tsunamis or other disasters hit in other regions of the world, all the movie stars are out in force donating and raising big dollars for the people there. But the people in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee have almost been ignored.  I don't get it.

My hope is now that the royal distraction is over, maybe now they will get a bit more coverage. Maybe now someone will rise up and put together a telethon to raise money for them. I'm hoping... but I'm not going to hold my breath. If this was in an area like New Orleans, where there are huge political benefits on the table enticing the media to cover it, it would happen. But no, this is the Bible Belt. This is an area were religion and moral values are much more a part of the normal life. Somehow, I doubt the media coverage is going to be there, and neither will the star power to raise much needed funds. Just like Nashville was basically ignored last year, these people will be ignored this time. They are just not worthy of the coverage.... except for a brief few minutes when the President dropped by to say how bad it was. And let's call that the way it was... the only reason he came was because he went to see the last Space Shuttle launch, which was postponed due to dangerous conditions, so he made a quick trip up for a photo op of the tornado damage.
I just don't get it.