I Guess I Just Don’t Get It

This week is "Railroad Days" in Galesburg. This is the 7th one since our family has lived in Galesburg, and I had never been to one. Someone told me a few days ago that I was "missing it" by not going to Railroad Days. So, last night, my wife and I went to dinner at Side Tracks, and since we were downtown, I suggested we go check out what it was that we have missed for all these years. So, we walked a couple of blocks and took a stroll through the carnival rides, heard the band playing and went over to see that there were more people huddled together drinking under a smelly tent than there were at the rest of the entire event. Is THIS what I am missing? A small carnival with grossly overcharged prices to ride them and an excuse for people to get drunk? Please.
OK, I went, I saw.. not for me. To those who enjoy it, hope you have fun, but I have to say, it bothered me greatly to see folks that I know really do not have the money to blow, throwing it away on a series of 2 minute rides or a chance to win a cheap stuffed animal. I saw all I needed to see.