I have just spent the last

48hours in the lovely area of St Andrews.Fife. In the St Andrews Bay Hotel.
To those of you who do not know the area, the hotel sits on a headland approx 4 miles outside St Andrews itself.
It is an amazing place, developed and built specifically for those who love golf and appreciate the finer things in life. ( hotel comments, not mine) It is luxurious to say the least and very comfortable. I was there as part of my job as a Project Manager for a NHS programme. There were over 350 delegates, mostly GPs, managers and Health Care providers. Part of my work involved encouraging, sharing and the development of ideas for health care improvement. This is the fourth such conference I have been involved with and quite honestly the most difficult. Not because of the work involved but because of the things that God revealed to me during my time there.
I believe the Holy Spirit has been showing me just how lost the world is. Surounded by such extravegance and beauty, listening to the comments from delegates, the worldly things that they focus on, made me want to weep.
I began to feel so detached from the surroudings, being there but not belonging, if that makes sense. For the first time I began to understand when scripture says that we live in the world but don't belong in it.
I also remembered the subject that we covered in Roots and Shoots a couple of weeks ago. Worshiping Idols. Oh how the world worships anything other than the one true Lord and Father.
The world has lost its focus, it has turned away from the one true thing that will fulfill lives and replaced it with material gain and idolisation of the self.
I understand the service last Sunday ( 30th) was centred on surrender. Have you started surrendering your idols to God? Are you aware of what those idols are? If not please pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal these to you so that you can begin to be have the freedom that is fully available in Christ.
Don't be like some of those delegates at the conference, bound and chained to the worldly idols that they strive to attain and keep.
We don't have to strive, Christ did it all for us. Just choose to focus on Him and surrender all. I thank God for the provision of indwellling Holy Spirit who, if you allow him, will guide you and teach you the truth.
Don't drink from leaking cisterns created by man, drink from the living water of life. Amen.