"I Want to Marry a Virgin"

Tom Sterbens is colleague of mine, whom I would like to call my friend, however I have had the pleasure of meeting only briefly a couple of times. We've communicated many times through messaging boards and email over the years, still I cannot say that I "know" Tom; but I have to say, I admire and respect him greatly.  I mention Tom today to share with you his blog, especially what he has written today. Some might view it as controversial (what else is new? Right Tom?) but I have to tell you, that I've sat here and wept after reading his thoughts and heart today, and it is causing me to give some really deep thought to my own attitude and times I have been judgmental. Thanks Tom for sharing your heart... and for allowing me to link this back to you for others to read for themselves.  Friends... do yourself a huge favor, and follow this link and read it.  "I Want to Marry A Virgin"