I Will Seek You Early

This morning we will continue to look at Psalms 63:1. In the next part of this verse, David says "early will I seek You." David is letting God know and reminded himself that God is his priority. By making it a point to go first to God, he is putting his life in the proper alignment. Too many of us today simply make God a part of our lives, but He is not a part He is the whole. If God is not our "life", then we are missing the point. When we put God in some area of our daily routine we will develope the habit of going to Him only when we have a need that can't be met by our own efforts. However, if we begin seeking Him early, as our priority, then we will trust Him with everything. The point of this Christian walk is to die to ourselves and live unto God. Paul tells us in Galatians chapter 2 that we are to be "crucified with Christ." That means that as we come to Him, we are to die so that He can live through us. If we have not "died" then we should. That's the only way this will work. David tells God that He will be the best part of His life and will get the very first part of his days. What are we giving God today? God bless