I’m curious to know something.. The symbol for Islam is…

I’m curious to know something.. The symbol for Islam is…

I’m curious to know something.. The symbol for Islam is the moon and star ☪️ The symbol for Christianity is the cross ✝️ The symbol for Hinduism is the Aum ? Judaism the Star of David ✡️ Every major religion has a fundamental symbol which represents its faith..

Why do atheists dedicate their lives evangelizing the uselessness of religion and compare themselves to religious people, yet they represent everything religion is even as far as to making multiple symbols to destinguish their identity from other beliefs and schools of thought just as religions do..?
To not believe in God, they sure give him a lot of attention, after all: there’s no symbol for people which don’t believe in fairies or Santa Clause..

My favorite of their symbols is the Jesus fish with feet; this is actually embarrassingly humorous and ironic; they use the flying spaghetti monster symbol as a way to mock religion, yet in their attempt to scorn Christianity they proudly express their religious belief that a fish grew lungs and sprouted human feet before walking out of the ocean on its quest to become a man, representing the stupidity and irrationality of their fables just as ludicrous as the flying spaghetti monster..

They have symbols, they have leaders, they have evangelists, they have creeds, they have unproven myths; Atheism is a religion, and by their use of symbols we see they go out of their way to destinguish themselves as one.

Some atheists are so proud of their religion they get their symbol tattooed on themselves, why? This is less reasonable than a Republican getting a tattoo of the elephant logo.

Perhaps it’s because While Theists worship God, Atheists worship their own Ego. Pride is the mark of bias; this is why atheists generally defend their irrational fables with as many lies as their brain is willing to believe to save their faith; because the truth isn’t only a threat to their worldview, it’s a threat to their identity.

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