The Lord is the God of INCREASE. Before attacking Job, Satan recognized the blessings of the Lord on everything Job touched. Satan said, “His possessions have increased in the land” (Job 1:10). The enemy recognizes progress and increase. The devil knows that your increase means you will have a realm of influence. Your influence can affect the decisions of others. People listen to those who have influence. Successful people listen to those with a testimony of HOW success came to them. They know that results come only through tests and trials! The Biblical principle is that great testing comes before great blessing. (Exodus 2, 3; 1 Samuel 30:1-4) But God is a God of increase! He will never leave you with less. It may seem that you are on a decline that you have less than ever before. But can you be determined like Ruth? Can you work alone in the gleaning corner? Can you enjoy isolation from friends and family, knowing God will eventually increase you? Many scriptures speak about increase (see Psalm 115:14, Proverbs 18:20, 1 Corinthians 3:6 and 1 Thessalonians 3:12). The widow in 2 Kings 4 was about to lose her home and two sons to her creditors. But a prophet of God had a plan and God had the provision. A supernatural oil supply broke forth in her home. She was able to sell the oil to pay her bills. That is “enough!” But then she is told to “live on the rest” (2 Kings 4:7). That is “INCREASE!” The 60-fold level is the ability to meet your needs and have something left over! God has promised to “supply our need,” but don’t be satisfied with merely having your needs met. Get excited about the possibility of having enough and then some! The highest level of blessing is the 100-fold level. This represents the level of total provision, as well as the level where you become a blessing to others. It is the realm of increase to where your “cup is running over” (Psalms 23:5). It is where you are blessed in order to be a blessing. “Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would increase abundantly” (Job 8:7). When God blesses you, He has your future in mind. We live a day at a time, but God is a visionary. We pray, “Give us our daily bread,” and cannot peer into the future to determine where we are going. But God’s blessings are for our future. He who “declares the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end,” has already seen the future. He will come with the increase you need!

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