Irony is when “Christians” refuse to celebrate Christmas calling it…

Irony is when “Christians” refuse to celebrate Christmas calling it “satanic” and “pagan” as they actually join the pagans, satanists, secularists, atheists, and other enemies of the Gospel in stamping Jesus out of the very holiday that Christians around the world celebrate.

That’s real irony and something to think about.

If God send His angels to bring good tidings to the shepherds announcing the birth of Christ, why shouldn’t we proclaim these good tidings too? Who’s side are they on?

In fact, those PHARISEES should go straight to their wall and remove any calendar that isn’t written in Hebrew with Jewish months, days and years as that too is “pagan”.

Or maybe they should just get over their miserable selves and try being thankful for something for once in their miserable existence instead of spreading their misery around like real life Grinches?

Merry Christmas!

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8 thoughts on “Irony is when “Christians” refuse to celebrate Christmas calling it…

  1. Ras Bayles says:

    I couldn’t agree more. If a Christian doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas then that is between them and God. As for me and my family we will serve the Lord. And we will celebrate the birth of Jesus. And we will follow in the tradition of giving and receiving gifts.

  2. Wisdom Wesley says:

    How was the word “Christmas” even form? Do u know so many Devilish activities are done on this day for sake of celebration? Many girls, I believe gave up their virginities… Christmas ought to be a day of worship and not celebration; the three wise men worshiped the child according to the scriptures. The outmosophare celebration will lead many to sin but that of worship will bring people to Christ.

  3. Mary Modeste says:

    Here’s an idea we can pray and ask the Holy Spirit to live according to scriptures and live according to the truth and history in the bible there is no exact date of Jesus being born but to search for when the season Jesus was born it’s not in winter time because of the shepherds saw the angel some are saying it’s in the fall time it would be good to search for truth not human standard or what we think or what out opinion is God never changes His word never changes

  4. Michael Brown says:

    This is to inform whom soever it may concern. My father was born in February and i in July but. we celebrate father’s day in June. We celebrate labour day in August but i don’t know when labour was born. Even mother’s day get celebrated without our knowing if she was born or who is going to give birth. Colombus day, St. Patrick’s day, day of the Lord, ground hogs day and more.

    It is not a matter of was he born on that day, if pagans had a holiday on the same day we chose to celebrate the birth of our savior, what does that have to do with us? Passover was celebrated at the same time as Easter, which is a roman holiday wherein they worshipped Eastro the godess of fertility. That did not stop the Jewish people celebrating Passover and it didn’t amount to them celebrating a pagan holiday. We don’t care when Jesus was born, we love that he was born. We don’t take Santa Claus to church nor worship him, we don’t go to wild parties nor get drunk. We worship great YAHWEH and who don’t like it touch a button.

  5. Roberto Barba says:

    First of all, those messengers who announced the birth, did not do so in December. So while you create an angry post belittling those simply trying to share truth with you out love, to which you respond with hateful anger, maybe you should actually do a little research.
    Dec. 25th is NOT the birth date of Messiah. So what are you really celebrating.
    Since so many here respond as you have, it seems your more angry about being wrong, rather than knowing the truth

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