Islam Really a Religion?

Islamic slave trade in Libya 2019

Dr. Khadim al Masih (This article was shared from: Islam Exposé).

Muhammad was:

  1. a self-claimed prophet without any prophecies 
  2. never performed a miracle
  3. a warlord who personally killed many people
  4. a slave holder & slave trader
  5. a pedophile who married his favorite wife at age 6
  6. had sex with all 11 wives each day after prayer
  7. manufactured ‘recitations’ to manipulate his followers
  8. has no written nor archeological nor historical proof he existed until 60 years (691AD) after he supposedly died (632AD).

Allah has no Biblical connection:

  1. Allah is not an Arabic word for God but a Quranic word
  2. is a generic word originating in the phrase: al-ilaha; meaning ‘the god’
  3. is a god without any qualities of Yahweh
  4. is completely fatalistic
  5. commands Muslims to pray to Muhammad
  6. commands all Muslims to kill for him
  7. denies the Trinity but repeatedly speaks in the plural “we”
  8. shows no love for any man
  9. never personally interacts with man.

The Quran has:

  1. no complete stories
  2. no prophecies
  3. no miracles
  4. no quotes from the Bible
  5. no complete copies anywhere
  6. cannot be interpreted by itself (without Hadiths)
  7. 20% of passages cannot be understood nor interpreted by anyone
  8. has large numbers of non-Arabic words
  9. was supposedly written in Arabic before Arabic was a written language
  10. is filled with grammatical errors, incomplete thoughts, unintelligible words
  11. is 70% plagiarized from other pre-existing writings (Christian, Jewish, Arab poetry)
  12. was not completed until 250 years after Muhammad supposedly died.

Islam has:

  1. no Grace
  2. no love (of God for man)
  3. no savior
  4. no salvation
  5. no sacrifice for sin
  6. most rituals which come from pagan (jahiliya) origins
  7. a black stone idol on the Kaaba which Muslims must pray to 5 times a day
  8. Islam has no promised guarantee of heaven for the believer
  9. Islam has no Holy Spirit
  10. Islam does not show man as being made in the image of God
  11. Islam historically never grown by free conversion, but only by sword & high birth rates.