It Really IS That Simple

This morning I was on the phone talking with a pastor from another area and the topic came up about mission statements. I'll be honest, I'm not big on mission statements. It's not so much that I am opposed to them, but rather I've noticed that many, if not most churches that have them, don't really follow their own statement. I said this to this pastor, and he asked me how then was a church to know where they are headed and what they are to do?  The words came out of my mouth without really thinking about it... "All I really know to do in seeking to please God and to pastor my church is to know Jesus and to make Him known by others." After I said it, I wrote it down. I've stared at in on this piece of paper off and on for more than an hour. "To know Jesus, and to make Him known by others."   I've tweaked it a couple of times, to where my note now says, "To know the heart of God and to help others to do the same."   I then scribbled under that statement, "Is it REALLY that simple?  I believe it is.