It’s Good to Be Home

Our family returned home tonight after being gone for 9 days. We drove down to Myrtle Beach for a week and then back. It was a great trip, but I'm really glad to be home. I seldom miss 2 Sundays in a row from the church, and it just eats at me to do so. I know that Brother Grooms did a fine job filling the pulpit, so I don't worry about that at all. I just don't like being gone like that. I really appreciate a church that allows me and my family such an opportunity. This trip was especially appreciated, because by allowing me to miss 2 Sundays, it allowed us to stretch out the time driving which made it possible to take my sister and brother in-law (who raised me from the time I was 11) with us. With their health issues they simply would not have been able to drive straight through in one day. Thanks for your patience and understanding Harvest Church.

I'm really tired tonight (I blog about the reason why later) but I am anxious to get back in the swing of things. Tuesday night will be our first night of the study on Religions of the World. I am hoping that some others will take advantage of this study. I promise you, you will learn some things in this study that will give you a better understanding of other religions and how to effectively witness to people from these religions. I'm also anxious to meet with the Church and Pastor's Council in the next couple of weeks. This month marks the beginning our 8th year as Pastor's here and I am more excited now than I have ever been. I believe we are making a turn into new territory and we are going to see exciting things happening in and through Harvest Church.  I will not go into it now, but this past week God began to bring some real definition and clarity... filling in gaps to the vision of the River that the Lord gave me for this church several years ago. I have a better understanding now than I have ever had since that night I received it. Funny how God works. Through Facebook I came in contact with a Pastor from another denomination who felt led to purchase a book and send it to me. It arrived just before we left on vacation, and from the second I began reading it, I sensed the Holy Spirit speaking into my spirit and bringing some much needed clarity. I just believe it is God's timing. Hold on church... it's going to get better, richer and more meaningful than ever!