Jesus will save you if you OBEY him because his…

Jesus will save you if you OBEY him because his commands will lead you from the darkness and into the light.

Let’s say you’re stuck in a dark tunnel and you tried your best by your own efforts(works) to get out and you couldn’t , you were in a maze, finally you see someone with a flashlight coming to you and offers to help you(save you), out of desperation you will say I believe you and he tells you FOLLOW ME, of course the next rational move is that you do what he says, you walk up and follow him,

Simply believing (like majority of Christians) and not following him but standing there saying : “Yes I believe in that person, he will save me”
Won’t get you out of the tunnel and you will remain in darkness

This is just a description of superficial Christianity
The easy and clearly false teaching that someone can be considered a follower of Jesus because he simply believes in his name

The true Christian faith is demonstrated by action

“You will know them by their fruits” Matthew 7:15
You will know them by what they do

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