Just Released: 101 Prayer Models

Just Released: 101 Prayer Models

My new booklet, 101 Prayer Models, has just been released!

This book is both personal and missional. It is a practical resource to help Christians jump-start their personal prayer lives. It is a concise collection of ideas to help small groups and churches mobilize for the ministry of prayer. It is for anyone seeking to link the power of prayer with the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

101 Prayer Models is a catalog of models designed to involve everyone. Presented as a set of annotated lists, the models are arranged in four categories: personal and family models, small group models, congregational models and evangelistic models.

I have been involved with training congregants, pastors and students for the ministry of prayer for the past sixteen years. Over the past ten years, I have produced various hard-copy handouts listing ways to cultivate a culture of prayer among God’s people. In February of this year, I decided to compile those lists and make them available via these 90 pages—101 Prayer Models.

After an initial purchase of one copy, discounted rates for quantities of 10 copies or more are available upon request for use in study groups or prayer ministry planning teams. Submit your request for the discount rate directly to the author, Dr. Randy Turpin, at randy@drawnear.org. In your email, be sure to state the proposed use for the book and an approximate number of copies that you anticipate ordering.