Just Wanna Say Thanks

So much going on the last two weeks and dealing with so many issues and I've seen so much pain, so much confusion and heartache. I've held a woman strung out on heroin in my arms and whispered in her ear that Jesus still loves her.  I've talked to the daughter who cannot understand why dad is rejecting her. I've sat and cried with a woman whose husband told her that he's moving his girlfriend into the house and that she needed to go. I've seen the pain of broken promises and dreams shattered. I've seen the tears of one who thinks everyone has turned their back on her and she stands alone. I held the head of a teenage girl on my shoulder as she sobbed and wondered if there is anything worth living for any more after the boy who promised he'd love her forever used her body and then dumped her and bragged about his "score"... humiliating her and leaving her to feel dirty and used. I spent the night on the phone with a young man persuading him not to pull the trigger when he came home and found his wife had left him for another. I've witnessed so much pain in the last 2 weeks that it has taken a toll on me emotionally to where I cannot sleep. And as I sit here tonight crying for the hurting around me, I feel it all over again...  such love for my savior, Jesus Christ, and I thank Him for the grace that he poured out on me. I know I deserved nothing but judgment and damnation... yet in love, He took me in. I'm reminded of how incredibly blessed I have been and am today because He rescued me from a life exactly like these I have described. And I just want to express my love and my gratefulness to the Lord, and say to anyone who might read this and not know Jesus, TRY HIM! He really is the answer that you've been looking for and the hope you need.