Leaders…listen up!

I love leaders.

I love talking and defining leadership.

I love training leaders.

In my present capacity, I value time with leaders and investment in the development of leaders far more  than any responsibility or authority I may have.

So, I’m passing along some of the leadership thoughts that have been guiding for me.  I’m not pretending these are all original with me.  Some are but most are gleaned from other leaders and environments where my own leadership was forged.

  1. Never give somebody a stick to beat you up with.  People are going to beat on you.  Expect it but don’t equip arm with anything you have done, said or implied.
  2. What makes you great also makes you vulnerable. David’s passion was his greatest gift and his most vulnerable tendency.  Know your strengths and watch closely your weaknesses.  The enemy is stalking and studying you.
  3. You are most likely to be attacked on the back side of your greatest moments. It was after Elijah left Mt. Carmel that he was most suspect to attack.  After all of David’s enemies had been defeated, then the attack came.  Always be on guard after great moments because the enemy likes to attack when you are not looking.
  4. People matter in ways you can’t even begun to understand. The value of leaders is the connection to the people they lead.  Without people, there is no need for leaders.  We don’t lead organizations or systems, we lead people.  Focus on people for maximum impact.
  5. The banana that leaves the bunch is the first one peeled. Connect and remain.  When people begin to leave and go on their own, they usually fail.  This is not to be confused with bold leadership but with those who want to peel off and do their own thing within the group.  Staying connected seldom holds you back.  Truth is–you are stronger when connected.