Lee University 2020 Church of God Scholarship Program

Lee University 2020 Church of God Scholarship Program

Scholarship Opportunity Plus Two New Courses: Digital Discipleship and Self-Leadership

Start with Scholarship
Receive a Lee Online student scholarship of $1,000, disbursed over the academic year – Fall, Spring, and Summer. Continuous enrollment is required.

Ensure Eligibility
Available to newly enrolled Lee Online undergraduate, graduate, or certificate students with a start date of August 18, 2020. May not be combined with any other offers or scholarships.

Apply for Free
Use SPIRIT (all caps) as your application fee discount code at applytolee.com and pay no application fee. You must apply by August 1, 2020.

Choose a Discounted Program
Pay one-half the campus tuition rate on undergraduate programs and one-third the campus tuition rate on undergraduate ministry program. Master’s in Ministry Studies also provides a substantial tuition discount.

Register for your scholarship today here: https://leeuniversity.edu/cog/

All of us at Lee Online have been working hard to get the word out about Lee Online’s $1,000 scholarship for COG Ministers. It is exciting to see such a positive response! If you combine this scholarship with a tuition-discounted ministry program, your savings will add up fast.

Details are important, so here are some of the finer points of this special scholarship offer:

  • The scholarship is open to new applicants starting a program in August 2020.
  • The $1,000 will be applied evenly over the 2020-2021 academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer), so make sure you stay enrolled to reap the full reward.
  • The award can be used towards Lee Online certificate, undergraduate or graduate programs.
  • Enroll full-time (two classes per session) or part-time (one class per session).
  • It can be combined with the ministry or military/first responders program tuition discounts (but not with other scholarships).

Make sure to use SPIRIT (case-sensitive) as your discount code when you applytolee.com so that we can reserve your scholarship funds.

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